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Premiere Supplier of Cosmetic,
Textile and Custom Bags &
Packaging Since 1974.

Do you have stock vinyl bags?

Yes. We have over 70 different sizes in our stock. You can see our stock bags on our website.

How long will it take to get bags?

If we have a bag in stock that will work for you, and we have the quantity you want in stock, we can ship within 48 hours after credit is approved.

If you want to design a custom bag, time varies. Production can be 15 - 40 days- ocean or inland transportation varies by location.

What are the minimums?

For stock bags, it is 1,000 pieces per shipment.

For custom bags, there is a $2500 minimum (approximately 5-10,000 bags).

Different styles can be combined to meet the minimums.

Can I ship to any location?

Yes. We can ship to any place on the globe.

Is shipping included in the bag price?

No. We can add costs for shipping, or you can use your own carriers to ship your bags.

Can I print on my bags?

Yes, if you make a custom bag. If you want our stock bag, we will not be able to print on them. Some people have used a clear sticker instead.

Can I get samples?

Yes. we will send you samples of our stock bags within 48 hours, and will order samples of custom bags which you will get in about 2 weeks.

Can I get credit for my first order?

We can check credit for your first order and once approved can offer credit terms of Net 30 as long as the order is over $1,500.00. For orders under $1,500.00 we accept major credit cards, checks or wired funds.

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