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We must keep in mind; we have intentionally put the word “green” in quotation marks.  This is because the “definition” is up to YOU!  “GREEN” means many things to different people.  To Target, they are looking at removing as much PVC from their packaging.  To Wal-Mart, they are interested in “reducing” the amount of ALL packaging, knowing full well any one item cannot be “banned” entirely.
Our “man-made-green-fiber” of choice is polypropylene-non woven (PPNW). This synthetic material is extremely competitive (almost the same cost as vinyl), widely used all over the world, and since is made of polypropylene, doesn’t contain “heavy metals” associated with other packaging.  PPNW is water-resistant, very durable, printable, yet breathable.  We use a lot of PPNW on our bags for packaging down comforters, since down needs to “breathe”.

Other man-made items include polypropylene webbing, nylon (nylon comes in dozens of weaves), polyester, sateen’s, velour’s, and more.  Most of these can also be made into “mesh”.  We can adjust the “weave” of most meshes as well.


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