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Premiere Supplier of Cosmetic,
Textile and Custom Bags &
Packaging Since 1974.

IMEX Office

IMEX’s headquarters in Matthews, NC

IMEX Packaging is the trade name for IMEX Discovery Resources, Inc. IMEX has been packaging retail items since 1974. Founder Mike Jeffrey began the business by selling vinyl zippered bags for textile products. Consumers could open & close the packaging to inspect the goods. And the packaging was reusable, providing an excellent way to store home furnishings, as well as reduce landfill waste.

Mike's son, Steve, joined the firm in 1985. He set about diversifying the product line and expanded the bag distribution to a vast number of industries, including cosmetics, toys, sporting goods, juvenile products, and many more.

IMEX Office

1974-1994: Our first office at 31st St. &

6th Avenue in NYC.

Today there is hardly a product made that would not benefit by using IMEX's reusable, sustainable packaging.

Matthews, NC:
Los Angeles: